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Motion controls on you mobile device give you to the ability to interact with the device using various sensors that detect motion and orientation. In Virtual Reality videos, this allows you to physically move and tilt your mobile device to change your view of the VR video.

Motion control settings are not required to watch VR videos. They are an enhancement to the experience and a personal preference. You can choose to control the motion on screen using the "Drag" feature with your finger, or turn on Motion Control access via the "Magic Window" where you can control your view by tilting your phone.

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Drag Control Vs Magic Window (Tilt)

You can view and interact with VR videos in one of two ways.

  1. By using your finger to drag across the screen, which moves your view of the video or;
  2. By tilting your device, the browser will use the Motion Control settings via the Magic Window to use your device's motion to change your view of the video.

You can select one of these options when you have a video streaming and playing, by clicking the cog wheel icon at the bottom right of the video. Then select either Drag Controls or Magic Window.

How to Enable Motion Control for iOS Mobile Devices

Apple has hidden the motion control toggles for iOS 16+ devices. The only way to turn it on is by going to a video page and setting the video controls to "Magic Window".

  • First, click the play button to stream any video from your mobile browser. In this example we will use Safari browser and a VR video ready to view.

  • Next, click the settings icon (the cog wheel) at the bottom right of the video player screen, and then tap the "Drag Controls" drop-down menu option.


  • Your device is likely using "Drag Controls" by default. If you would like to change to use "tilt" control for viewing videos, select "Magic Window".

  • The first time you select Magic Window on a website, you will be prompted to provide permission. Do not be alarmed by the strange image behind the permission prompt, it is the very top of the view in the video; in this case the ceiling light fixture :-) 

You have now enabled access to Motion and Orientation for the website, and the web browser. You can change back to "Drag Control" at any time by clicking on the Settings icon on any video, and choosing "Drag Control" on the menu. Your settings are remembered on the site until you change them.

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