How do I get the most out of Virtual Reality?

To truly get the most out of Virtual Reality, you should combine a quality VR headset with a good pair of earphones which will allow us to deliver an ever more immersive experience, one that will have you thinking you are actually in the scene.

Always make sure that your equipment is well taken care of. Regardless of what VR headset you are using, take measures to make sure your set stays in optimal working condition. Use a lens cleaning cloth to make sure there is no dust or fingerprints on the lenses of your goggles and keep them stored somewhere safe where they won’t accumulate dust.

If your headset relies on your smartphone as a screen, take measures to ensure that your screen does not get scratched up. Take the time to properly clean your smartphone screen before inserting it into your headset, and close any unnecessary apps that might be running in the background.

Use a microfibre cloth to clean your smartphone screen. Never clean the lenses of your goggles with your shirt or with a tissue. Your shirt, or any other clothing for that matter could have dust or dirt on it which can scratch the lenses and affect the quality of your experience. Tissues will leave more on the screen than they remove.

Lastly, and this might sound silly, but it is important none the less, make sure you put your headphones on correctly, we can only deliver audio to the right spot if you put the correct headphone in, or on, each ear. Know your R from your L. 

Being able to relax and enjoy the experience is important - be sure to lock the door. ;-)

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