How do I download RAR Files?

Our RAR option provides a speedy alternative to download and view large (high resolution) VR videos in a multipart format. We strongly suggest you use a download manager in tandem with an archive tool such as WinRar (RarLab)

Notice: It has been brought to our attention that some VPN services and 3rd party browser plugins can interfere with the download speed and integrity of the content. If you come across any downloading issues, try disabling any VPN or browser plugins that could potentiality be causing these conflicts.

  1. Install jDownloader2 or your preferred download manager (links below). If not you can use your browser but will only be able to download a limited number at a time (6 for Chrome). With a download manager you can choose to do all at once.
  2. Login to the site using your username and password.
  3. Select the VR video you wish to download and the appropriate file type for your VR headset / config.
  4. For applicable file sizes (file sizes above 4GB have rars available), click "RARs" to open your RAR multipart download window. Download each part using the links displayed in the RAR download window. Click plain text view and copy all options help you manage multiple downloads at once. Select the download location that works best for you, (Primary, Mirror #1, Mirror #2).
  5. Either start downloading directly from browser (slower process), or with your download manager, (jDownloader2). With the download manager your links may already be ready to click 'start download' or you’ll need to paste them into the manager. You'll want to use your standard user/pass that you would use to login to the site when asked in your download manager. (
  6. jDownloader should (if you have the option still enabled) attempt to unrar your files automatically after they’re finished downloading. If not then follow the traditional browser steps below(7).
  7. (skip this step if using jDownloader for unrar) Provided that WinRAR or comparable program is installed and configured for .rar files, double click the smallest of the rar files (example. Part7 of 7 files). Choose "Extract To" in WinRar. Once extracted you have the full file and are ready to treat it as you normally would.

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*For Android/Smartphone and Gear VR users we suggest downloading and extracting RAR downloads via your PC and transfer the VR video file to your desired device.

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