Is my information safe and secure?

We understand concerns about privacy and personal information. While we do store various pieces of information on our customers it is only for the purpose of record keeping and customer support.

  • We do not store full credit card information
  • We do not sell any of our customers' information
  • A link to our privacy policy is a the bottom of this page. Please scroll past the brief

More detailed Privacy Policy Brief
All personal information will be secure and treated as confidential. No personal information will be shared with third parties without the customer's permission.

Use of Personal Information:
ACCOUNT DATA -The information provided as account data is for the purpose of identifying the user and allow us access to a members account in order to test and confirm the functionality of various site features. You are responsible for the privacy and security of your password and account access information as this information should be kept secret from anyone besides it's intended user. 

FINANCIAL DATA - The site does not store any information related to the financial data provided by you the customer (i.e. credit card numbers, CVV2 codes or expiration dates). This information is passed on to our payment processing partners through a PCI compliant gateway. This information may be stored for the purpose of processing any and all charges that may be generated from your membership activities on this site. 

DEMOGRAPHIC DATA - We may use "cookies" and IP address information to better your experience on the site by allowing us to tailor your experience to the site according to your preferences, and what we think may appeal to you based on such demographic information. The "cookies" are set to track voting, session usage, and various other features that exist within the site. The IP address information is used to analyze traffic trends, perform regional customization and in some cases allow us to alter the presentation of the site to better match your demographics. 

Information Collected:
When any web user visits the site there is certain information that is collected in order to track and record visitor information and statistics. Unless the user voluntarily submits information, this is limited to IP address information in order to track various statistics about the site based on all users. This information is held and shared by third parties for an unknown amount of time. 

When any adult consumer signs on as a member or subscriber of this Site, that consumer will be required to provide certain personal as well as demographic information which may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the subscriber's name, address, email address, username and password, and special interests or affiliations (ACCOUNT DATA). In addition to that information we may require certain credit card/payment information to allow us to process your transactions (FINANCIAL DATA). In order to better your experience on the site we may provide "cookies", track and store your IP address, etc. in order to adjust the functionality of the site to your region (DEMOGRAPHIC DATA). This Site collects any and all such information and includes it in its customer database. 

If the Site features or conducts any special events, special promotions or offers, contests or polls, a subscriber of the Site may be asked to provide information in order to participate, if the subscriber voluntarily provides that information, all such information may be collected by the Site and included in its customer database. When a subscriber of this Site requests web pages from the Site's server or clicks on banners or other hypertext links, the Site will automatically collect some information or data about the subscriber, including the subscriber's IP address, the information that is collected may also indicate any special preferences or requests of the subscriber; all of that information and data will be collected by the Site and included in its customer database. 

If a subscriber sends any personal communication or correspondence, by any means, to the Site, or any of its employees, agents or representatives, the Site may collect any information regarding that communication and stores that information in its customer database. 

Notice - Use of Website by the Subscriber Constitutes the Subscriber's Express Assent to the Use of Personal Information Collected by Site. IF YOU DO NOT EXPRESSLY AGREE WITH ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT YOU SHOULD NOT SUBSCRIBE TO OR USE THIS SITE.

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