Can I change my account information?

If you require a change of password, or email address, please login to the website you are subscribed to and locate the Account Profile link at the top right of the screen. Here you can change various aspects of your user profile and settings.

If you are not able to make the change you want yourself  (i.e.: username change), please contact us. 

In order to keep your information secure, we ask that you send sensitive information using self-destructing links. Self-destructing links can only be opened once before the information is erased permanently. We prefer if you use 1tyme to send any sensitive information to us, rather than in plain text in an email. 

Please do not send us your credit card information or your password via plain text. If you require a change to your billing, you will need to contact your biller (Epoch, RocketGate, Segpay etc) to get that information changed. 

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