I can not login

Causes of Login Problems

There are many reasons you cannot login and this article is meant to be your first stop. 

  1. Incorrect Password Entered
  2. Trying to Login to the Wrong Site
  3. Forgot Password
  4. Forgot Username
  5. Need a Password Reset - WankzVR
  6. Need a Password Reset - MILFVR
  7. Need a Password Reset - TranzVR
  8. I'm not getting password reset emails

Incorrect Password Entered

It's hard to believe but this is the most common cause of login problems. Login is CaSe SenSiTivE; this means if your username and password have CAPITAL letters you must log in using capital letters. Enter your username and password exactly as you typed in when you registered. 

You may also be logging into the wrong site by mistake. It happens!

Trying to Login to the Wrong Site

Did you sign up for WankzVR and then add MILFVR or TranzVR to your account or MILFVR and added WankzVR or TransVR? You still have to login to the first site you joined, this is your primary account. You can not login to your "add-on" sites directly, login to the first site you signed up with and then click the link to your add-on site.

Once you have logged in to your primary site, you should be able to see the other sites you have access to at the top of the page. This the below example the primary account is "WankzVR" and there are links to MILFVR and TranzVR.

Forgot Password

It's ok, everyone forgets their password sometimes. Follow the password reset instructions from the website you are trying to login to:

Tips on Setting a Password

Passwords should be something you can remember.

Passwords must:

  • be greater than 6 characters in length
  • contain at least 2 different types of characters
  • can have numbers, letters, and special characters (#$%)

Incompatible Software

Additionally, the following programs are incompatible with our sites and should be set to low before accessing our sites. These include but are not limited to:

  • Norton Website Security
  • WatchDog
  • Adguard and any firewall programs. 

If you still have problems please contact us.

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