Will VR Make me Dizzy?

It is possible to experience temporary nausea, and/or dizziness – two aspects of VR contribute to the possibility that a user may experience Nausea or Dizziness during and shortly after use. The first of these is a product of the lag time between a user’s natural movements and the VR systems recognition of that movement and subsequent adaptation of the environment.

These issues are all but gone when using the latest VR technologies as the sets themselves and the processors that power them have continually become faster and more powerful. The second contributor to Nausea and Dizziness is that fact that VR creates an illusion of 3 dimensions even though the screen remains at a fixed distance from the users eyes.

To combat this, we recommend that you ease yourself into Virtual Reality by starting with shorter sessions, no more than 5 minutes long and slowly increasing the length of these sessions as you get used to the sensation created by VR. We also recommend enjoying VR videos while seated comfortably. If you insist on standing while experiencing VR, we recommend that you keep on hand on a secure surface in order to stabilize yourself.

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