What Headsets Work with iPhone?

What Formats can I view?

Streaming Videos

Watch Downloaded Videos

What headsets work with an iPhone?

You can use any "Cardboard" style headset that allows a phone of your size to fit. There are many, many options so check online or in a shop to find something that suits your device and budget. The term "Cardboard" refers to any headset that holds a smartphone so you can see it in VR. With an iPhone you can use actual cardboard VR goggles or the type where your phone is held in place by the plastic headset.

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What formats can I view?

iPhones are somewhat limited when it comes to video playback in VR. The XS, XR, and SE can play 1600p videos (though the SE's screen clips the sides). Most other iPhones can play 1080p VR videos. Some older ones may only be able to play 720p.

Streaming videos

  • Open up your web browser of choice
  • Navigate to the website you wish to stream from (www.wankzvr.comwww.milfvr.com or www.tranzvr.com)
  • Click the login link and enter your username and password
  • Scroll or search for the video you want to watch and click on it
  • On the video page, tap the play button in the middle of the image to stream

Watching downloaded videos

  • See Downloading Videos to download the video to your computer
  • Transfer the video to your iPhone using iTunes
  • Open the video player of your choice (We recommend using our web player. There are third-party player apps available, but we don't strictly recommend those as we can't guarantee reliability across updates)
  • Open the video in the player
  • Put your phone into your headset
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