Deo VR Video Player

The DeoVR Video Player is our recommended player app, we think it provides the best experience to our users and even allows you to view higher resolution videos (in some cases).

Watch Downloaded Videos

  • Put on your headset
  • Open DeoVR Video Player
  • Select Local Files view


  • Navigate to the folder where you store your VR videos
  • Select the video you wish to watch
  • Press play
  • If the video is not displaying properly, select the 180° and side-by-side options.

Watch Streaming Videos

There are two methods for streaming: From the browser, or with the app's media browser. We recommend using the app's media browser.

DeoVR's Media Browser

  • Open DeoVR and select the Internet view
  • Navigate to the website you wish to stream from ( or
  • You should see a list of scenes, only trailers will show because you are not logged in yet.
  • Log in using the button at the top right of the display.


  • Once you're logged in, the full videos become available (you can still switch back to the trailers tab if you wish).
  • Click on the video you wish to view and it will open.

All our formats are available when streaming. DeoVR will pick the highest the device can play, but you can switch in the menu if it's too choppy.

Do not try to view using the "Open Web" view, this typically doesn't work.

Your Device's Web Browser

Please note that clicking the DeoVR link from a web browser does not work on all devices. In fact, it probably won't work and the DeoVR app is much better for watching videos. 

  • Navigate to the website you wish to stream from ( or
  • Click the Member login link and enter your username and password
  • Scroll or search for the video you want to watch and click on it
  • On the video page select your Device type


  • Click on "DeoVR" and the video will open in the DeoVR Video Player app. (If it doesn't, use the DeoVR's media browser instead)


  • When the video loads up you will see a START button, click it to start the video

Adjust Vertical Orientation

If you want to be able to adjust the vertical orientation for watching videos while laying down, or perhaps what you want to see in the video is so "far down" that you can't see without standing up - you can adjust the vertical orientation easily in DeoVR Video Player in one of two ways

On the Media Browser

  • Put on your headset
  • Open DeoVR Video Player
  • If it doesn't default to the media browser, select it
  • At the bottom you will see an orientation icon (look down)
  • Click and hold the Orientation icon to move the content where you want it


  • Release your trigger/button when the page is oriented how you want it to be

While Playing a Video

  • Put on your headset
  • Open DeoVR Video Player
  • Open up a video that you wish to watch
  • Click or pause the video (depends on your device) to view the settings
  • Click and hold the Orientation icon to move the video where you want it


  • Release your trigger/button when the video is oriented how you want it to be
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