Web Player

Our web player can be used to stream videos within a web browser, similarly to most streaming adult sites. We do however, generally recommend you use the DeoVR Video Player, it provides a better experience.

  • On a desktop computer, tablet, or phone it can be used to view scenes in 2D mode. Just click the play button in the middle to start. On a mobile device, you can use "magic window" controls to use the device itself to look around the scene.
  • On desktop you can use the mouse to drag the view around, and on mobile devices you can switch to "Drag Controls" to move the view around with a finger.
  • On a phone, there will be a cardboard icon in the bottom right of the player to switch into cardboard mode. Once the video is streaming in this mode you can insert the phone into a cardboard-like device to view the scene in VR.
  • When using a browser inside of a VR environment already, the play button should take over the full display and the video will play in 3D.
  • The player should auto-detect the quality you can play on your device.
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