Web Player

Our web player can be used to stream videos within a web browser, similarly to most streaming adult sites. We do however, generally recommend you use the Play'aVR Video Player, as it provides a better experience.

  • On a desktop computer, tablet, or phone it can be used to view scenes in 2D mode. Just click the play button in the middle to start. On a mobile device, you can use "magic window" controls to use the device itself to look around the scene.
  • On desktop you can use the mouse to drag the view around, and on mobile devices you can switch to "Drag Controls" to move the view around with a finger.
  • On a phone, there will be a cardboard icon in the bottom right of the player to switch into cardboard mode. Once the video is streaming in this mode you can insert the phone into a cardboard-like device to view the scene in VR.
  • When using a browser inside of a VR environment already, the play button should take over the full display and the video will play in 3D.
  • The player should auto-detect the quality you can play on your device.

Notice: It has been brought to our attention that some VPN services and 3rd party browser plugins can interfere with the streaming quality and speed of the content. If you come across streaming issues, try disabling any VPN or browser plugins that could potentiality be causing the conflicts.

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