Whirligig Player

Whirligig is a highly-customizable player for downloaded videos, available for desktop Oculus and SteamVR. We provide a downloadable settings file for Whirligig (look for the pinwheel icon in the Oculus downloads section). Put the ini file in the same place as the video, and the app should set everything for you.

  1. Open Whirligig and click the top bar of the menu.
  2. Select the Video tab and navigate to where you store your VR videos.
  3. Select the video to play.
  4. If you aim away from the menu and pull the trigger, then the menu should go away. Quick video controls will appear on the second controller.
  5. If the video does not look correct, open the settings menu.
  6. Select the Projection tab, and the Projection Adjust sub-tab.
  7. Choose Barrel projection, and adjust the FOV to 180°.
  8. Select the Depth sub-tab, and choose side-by-side.

Settings do not change between videos, so you should only need to configure the display settings once 

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