Oculus Rift / Rift S

What Formats will my Rift / Rift S be able to play?

The Rift series of VR Headsets from Oculus are powered and limited by your computer. The formats you can play will depend on the capabilities of your computer and video card. Video cards released within the last couple years can usually play 2300p, if you find your system isn't playing the higher resolutions smoothly you'll need to select a lower resolution or upgrade your system.

Streaming and playing downloaded videos with the Oculus Rift series headsets can be done with the DeoVR Video Player Video Player app. The DeoVR Video Player is our recommended video player. You can also play downloaded videos with the Whirligig VR Media Player from the Steam store.

Streaming Videos

To stream and watch videos directly from the website following these steps:

The DeoVR Video Player App can also be used to stream or play downloaded videos and is our recommended app.

Watching Downloaded Videos

Downloaded videos can be played using the DeoVR Video Player or the Whirligig VR Media Player

  1. Download a video onto your computer (click for instructions)
  2. Put on your headset
  3. Open the DeoVR Video Player
  4. Follow our instructions on the DeoVR Video Player app article to watch downloaded videos
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