How do I upgrade my account?

There are a few ways you may upgrade your account access.

My membership expired I want to renew

If your membership expired and you want to renew - we're happy to welcome you back! 


  • If you click "Renew Membership", you will be prompted to confirm your renewal using the green "Renew Membership" button. This will attempt to bill the same payment method you used before. If it doesn't work, click "Manage Membership" instead.



Upgrade a trial membership

We are happy to have you stay with us! Upgrading a trial membership can be done in two ways:

  1. Wait until your trial is over, it converts into a monthly membership automatically :-)
  2. Upgrade to a monthly membership by clicking the "Upgrade now" button after you've used up your trial videos.


You will get a pop-up box asking you to confirm your choice showing the monthly cost. Click "Upgrade now" to confirm your choice and you should have full access.


My upgrade failed

If your upgrade failed it is likely that the card on file isn't working. The best thing to do is to click "Manage Membership" and enter your card information to update it.


I want to change my billing cycle

If you currently have a monthly subscription and would like to change it to a yearly one it is best if you allow your current billing cycle to lapse either by sending us a request here or by going through your billing company. After that, you will still be able to log in, but you'll see two buttons at the top of the page: 'Renew' and 'manage membership' - make sure you click 'manage membership' so you can change your subscription to yearly. Clicking 'renew' will only renew your billing at the same monthly rate as before.




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