Billing Details

To update or review your billing details, you're first going to need to know what billing company charged your card. You will also need some information about the account you created. 

I Was Billed by Epoch or PayPal

To review billing details for accounts billed through Epoch, you will need two (2) of the following pieces of information to find your account.

  • Member ID (same as your Subscription ID)
  • Email address
  • Username
  • First four and last six digits of your credit card (if you paid by credit card)

Go to and follow the instructions found there to contact Epoch about changes to your billing. 

I Was Billed by Another Company

To review billing details for an account billed through another company, you will need one (1) of the following pieces of information to find your account. Use the same information that your account has in order to locate it. 

  • Subscription ID
  • Email address
  • Username

Go to and follow the instructions found there. 

I Paid with Cryptocurrency

If your method of payment was a cryptocurrency, you can get in touch with us here in order to get help with any payment/billing questions. Ensure to provide the email address you used the moment you signed up and any of the following pieces of information.

  • Username
  • Subscription ID

You can alternatively use the support widget located on the lower right side corner of this page, in order to submit your request.

Where is My Subscription ID?

Your Subscription ID (Member ID) is the unique identification number of your account. Your subscription ID can be found using either of these two methods: 

  1. Your emailed receipt from the site you subscribed to
  2. The bottom of the website you're subscribed to after logging in. Scroll down to the very bottom of the website; your Subscription ID is in the footer. 
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