Pimax 5K / 8K

The formats you can play will depend on the capabilities of your computer and video card. Video cards released within the last couple years can usually play 2300p, though the extra resolution of the Pimax 8K may strain many video cards.

  1. Complete setup of the Pimax HMD, including installing Pi Tool.
  2. Go to SteamVR

Options inside SteamVR include: Whirligig, and our Web Player.

Pimax Video Tutorials

Pimax released a set of tutorials on their youtube channel recently created by user Sweviver. Check them out for more details and step-by-step instructions on using your Pimax device.

Part 1 - Getting Started

Part 2 - PiTool Settings Introduction

Part 3 - Extension Cables

Part 4 - Using a Laptop

Part 5 - Comfort and the Headstrap

Part 6 - PiTool Game Launcher

Part 7 - Troubleshooting

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